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Cycling made easy: Sustainable Transportation launches Gobbler Gears program for students

Bicylist at Virginia Tech Duck Pond

With over 41,000 students and employees, and only 14,000 parking spaces on campus, Virginia Tech encourages people to try out a car-free lifestyle. Sustainable Transportation is committed to offering a range of options to make your commute inexpensive, efficient, and healthy. Explore your transportation options today!


Biker on campus

Registration is free and is required

Bicycle Identification

If your bike is stolen, its serial number is needed to aid police in its recovery. When a bike is registered with Virginia Tech, the serial number can be cross-referenced with the bike owner’s name, and acts as an independent proof of ownership.

Bike rack on campus

Protecting your bike

Theft Deterrence

Thieves may be less likely to steal a bike with a registration sticker since its owner can easily be identified. Stolen registered bicycles are posted on both statewide and nationwide crime computers.

Your Bike

Biker on campus

Help us help you


Bicycle registration serves as the only form of communication should we need to inform you that your bicycle needs to be moved from a rack that will be relocated.

Bike rack on campus

Have your serial number ready

Locate your serial number

This diagram serves as your guide to finding the unique identification number that distinguishes your bicycle. Locating and recording this serial number accurately is crucial, as it acts as a vital identifier in case of theft.

U-bolt with Ringo

Listen to Ringo the VTPD Patrol Pony

Be proactive in protecting your bike

Invest in a high-quality U-lock to provide adequate security while parking your bicycle. There are U-Bolt locks that use fingerprint and phone app technology to keep your bike secure.

Connect With Us: Have questions or need assistance with your sustainable transportation journey? Our dedicated team is here to assist you. Reach out to us, and let's work together to make Virginia Tech a leader in sustainable transportation innovation.