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Fix-It Stations

Virginia Tech has several freestanding, do-it-yourself bicycle repair stations located throughout campus. These stations offer a variety of basic bike tools as well as an air pump, enabling bicyclists to make minor repairs and pump up their tires for free. Watch this video for instructions on how to use the pump head.

Fix-It Station locations

  • Dietrick Hall (Spirit Plaza)
  • McComas Hall
  • Pamplin Hall
  • Perry Street Garage (outside the Hokie Bike Hub)
  • Randolph Hall
  • Squires Plaza
  • Venture Out Center
  • Duck Pond Gazebo

Exact locations are marked on the campus bike map.

Bike fix-it station

There is also an emergency bicycle kit behind the information counter at the Squires Student Center. It is generally available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and includes a pump, Allen wrenches, and an adjustable wrench.

If you notice that one of the Fix-It Stations' air pumps is broken or a tool is missing, please contact the Hokie Bike Hub at 540-231-2116 or